How Often Should You Apply Eyelash Serum?

How Often Should You Apply Eyelash Serum?

Eyelash serums are currently popular because of the benefits it can give. It promises fuller, longer, and thicker eyelashes. Eyelash serums are also amazing, for they ensure that the luscious lashes that you wanted to achieve are real and won’t come off. There are countless over-the-counter products and prescription serums to choose from.

However, it is crucial for you to know that there are potential risks that you might encounter. Since it is to be applied in some part of the eye, you should always be careful for some experienced discomfort and infections. To prevent these to happen, we must know some important things before buying or applying such products. Like, how often should it be used or applied?

Before anything else, let us review first how the eyelashes normally grow.

Our eyelashes follow a specific growth pattern. There are three phases to eyelash growth namely:

  • Anagen Stage (Active)- during this stage, the lashes are constantly growing. This phase usually last between four and six weeks.
  • Catagen Stage (Transition)- during this phase, the hair follicles begin to contract, and the eyelashes are at their maximum length as well. This phase can last from two to three weeks.
  • Telogen Stage (Resting)- in this stage, the eyelashes rest for approximately 100 days before it begins to fall out naturally.

Each lash undergoes a certain phase at different times, and a single lash will be replaced anywhere from four to eight months.

What are the recorded side effects of eyelash serum?

Let’s not be blinded by the positive effects of eyelash serum. Because some experienced red, dry, or itchy eyes. Some had their eyes and eyelids swell and irritate. Some experienced darkening of eyelid skin, brown pigment in the eye’s iris, as well as allergic reactions. Once you start to feel these, stop using the serum. And if the issues won’t go away, immediately consult a physician.

How often should you apply eyelash serum?

Using an eyelash serum is as easy as establishing a routine. It requires daily application in order to achieve the best result. Eyelash serum is typically applied one to two times a day on a clean lashes. This must be practiced regularly for roughly four to six weeks. Although, some users started noticing differences between two to three weeks of using a serum.

Applying too much serum should never be practiced. The lashes only requires must enough liquid to stimulate its growth. Through applying too much serum, you are jus putting your eyes in danger.

All eyelash serums differ from the ingredients to its effectivity. So, below are the products that are reported to be effective that turns your lashes into long and full one. The following eyelash serums are all available in Amazon with a reasonable price.

1. Uklash

Uklash eyelash serum promises to help your lashes grow longer in just a matter of weeks. It is formulated with a mix of peptides which nourishes each of your lashes right at the root. The serum encourages the growth of dry and brittle lashes through nourishing and conditioning them which results of reduced breakage, longer, and fuller lashes.

There are natural antioxidants and vitamins present in the serum, namely pumpkin seed, panax ginseng, grapeseed, and swertia japonica extracts. These will deliver a potent dose of eyelash-boosting power.

Aside from that, it can be used for reviving and thickening over-plucked area of the brows. A 3ml supply of this serum can last up to 3 to 4 months, but of course fewer when you will apply it on your eyebrows as well. The cost is very affordable, just proving that you don’t need to spend much money to achieve a very luscious eyelashes. This product is highly recommended.

2. LashFOOD

LashFOOD eyelash serum is 99% natural and organic. It is formulated with LashFOOD’s patented Phyto-medic complex. One of its ingredient that is truly a hero is Arginine, which is an amino acid that supports healthy eyelash growth right at the root. It also deep conditioning the whole hair follicle of the eyelashes, stopping it from falling out prematurely.

All of the users who have tried the serum reported that their lashes were thicker, denser and longer that before. Also, none of them complained for experiencing eyelid irritation, which makes the serum perfect for everyone, especially for those who have more sensitive skin. Aside from that, LashFOOD is one of the cost-effective lash serums. This product is highly recommended as well.

It is indeed important to know first a little background of the products we are planning to purchase and apply to our body. In this way, we will be knowledgeable enough about what to do and what to react if something might happen. Did you find this helpful? If so, share this to your friends and tell us what you think about this article.


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