Laser Hair Removal Pros and Cons

Laser Hair Removal Pros and Cons

Many of us really struggle a lot in removing unwanted hair and especially when we should make it as part of our routine every day. Not only does an ineffective hair removal process needs a lot of time, but also in the means that it is indeed difficult to have that desirable hairless body we want.

At first when the art of hair removal introduced, most likely the first technique that boomed first was the classic razor. And we found new methods which are waxing and tweezing and gave us temporary results. However, many of us eventually got tired of this way and suddenly thinks if there would be a permanent solution in removing the unwanted hair forever. So the laser hair removal treatment was born, where you can achieve the permanent removal of your unwanted hair if done perfectly and right.

What is Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

Laser hair removal is the process of removing hair by means of exposure to pulses of laser light which will destroy the hair follicle. It is also a popular practice used in removing unwanted hair from various parts of our body.

This technique works by exposing laser lights into a tiny hair follicle and as the light is mopped up, it’ll destroy the hair without you knowing itThe heat that the laser produce will destroy the follicle and stopping the hair to grow back again in that certain area of your body. If done perfectly and right, it will give a satisfying and good result.

What are the PROS?

Eliminates the need to shave!

Since shaving is quite tiring, this method would be a perfect option for you. After six or consistent treatments, the growth of hair will be eliminated up to 90%! So stop worrying about shaving off the unwanted hair every other day!

Fast and Pain-free

Aside from it’s one of the most effective ways of removing undesirable hair, it is also one of the most painless methods out from your options. The process would be fast, rapid but gentle and also provides a long-term solution to your ingrown hair and also red bumps. Many people were even surprised about how it works and how painless it is.

Can cover large places

You can get it done anywhere you like in your body, cause the machine can manage to cover large places fast such as the legs, back, underarms, bikini line, stomach, and even your face. No one will limit you to what part of the body you want to do the laser hair removal.

In every treatment or procedure, it’s not just all about the positive sides and the benefits we can have but we also have the cons for the treatment.

What are the CONS?

It’s such a long process

One session of a laser hair removal on the underarms will take less than a minute. Thus, it’ll take multiple sessions for you to see the real results you want to have or achieve (anywhere between 3 and 8 depends on the size of the area), and to sum it all, you have to wait for at most 6 weeks between treatment.

It’s quite expensive

If you’ll just add up how much you spend on your razors or bikini wax sessions in your lifetime, it might be worth approximately $200-$400 per session of laser hair removal. You can just think of this method as one of the beauty investments.

Needs to be done with properly trained and has the certificate to do the procedure.

It’s very dangerous if it is done by an untrained technician cause the laser hair removal could leave burns or scars on the skin. And unfortunately, licensing procedures will vary from state to state and sometimes there are no requirements at all. Always beware of “laser centers” and make sure to ask where the laser technician was certified to do the procedure. Even doctors who want to do laser hair removal treatment still needs a lot of training. So please be careful.

Sun is not your friend

The dermatologist will give you advise to what would be the best for you but you need to avoid sunbathing and sun exposure as much as possible before and after the procedure. One thing, if you have a tan, you will have to wait until it fades before you can start the procedure or treatment.

After the treatment, your skin would be extremely sensitive and it is highly recommended that you should avoid sun exposure for the first 24 hours. And any exposure of heat, saunas or direct sun exposure is discouraged and applying sun protection to exposed areas is recommended to prevent for further damage.


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