Powdered Brows vs. Microblading: Which Procedure Fits for You?

Powdered Brows vs. Microblading: Which Procedure Fits for You?

Since your eyebrows are the so-called “frame of your face” you already know how important it is for your eyebrows to look good. But issues on your eyebrows just like hair loss, thinning, and the loss of definition of the brows, can’t be avoided due to age. The solution for these issues is trying out Microblading and Powder Brows.

Microblading and Powder brows are both forms of cosmetic tattooing. Wherein ink or pigment is applied to the eyebrows to achieve a thicker look. Although they are both types of cosmetic tattooing, there are still distinct differences between the two. Trying out microblading or powder brows is also perfect for those people who want perfect looking eyebrows, but do not have the skills or time to apply makeup themselves.

So what exactly are microblading and powder brows? Are they the same? What are their differences? If you’re asking those questions and you need answers, then you came to the right article.

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What are Powdered Brows?

Another method of achieving fuller and groomed-looking brows is through a technique that is called powdered brows. Powdered brows, also known as micro shading or ombre brows, use a somewhat similar procedure to microshading but has more advantages. Most people prefer this technique because of its soft and “make-upped” look and is less painful than microshading.

Instead of using only strokes to mimic the eyebrow hairs, powdered brows use the needles to draw the dashes and dots into the eyebrow, wherein the ink or pigment is deposited into the skin, making it last longer compared to microblading, which only “scratches” the skin. This method gives the brows a full and shaded look.  The finished eyebrows have a powdery look with a front that is faded and a crisp looking tail. This look resembles a brow that has makeup applied.

It is good for all skin types, unlike microblading. It is because on oily skin, microblading tends to heal more powdery, therefore requiring more touch-ups.

Powdered brows usually last longer than microblading because microblading has a higher tendency to heal blotchy or spotty. Just like microblading, it will still depend on your lifestyle and facial products. But commonly, powdered brows last about 2 to 5 years.

What is Microblading?

Microblading is like an eyebrow tattoo; the only difference is that the ink/pigment used is semi-permanent. This technique imitates the effect of real hair on your eyebrows. It can also help make your eyebrows look full, tidy, and more defined without shaving or applying any eyebrow pencils or makeup to your eyebrows. Also, microblading is used to give eyebrows that are thinning a fuller look and shape.

When you want to go get microbladed, you must first decide what look you want to achieve to achieve with your eyebrows, do you want to enhance your brows or fill your bows up? You will also choose what color to apply that also matches your skin tone and hair.

After you are done choosing your desired shape and form, a numbing agent or anesthesia is then applied. After that, the actual microblading takes place, the brow is traced over then the ink or pigment is then applied using a microblading hand-held tool. The process usually takes about 2 hours for both eyebrows to be finished. For its aftercare, a gel or cream is given to be applied to the skin, for it to heal easily and more quickly.

Now that you already know what microblading is, you might ask how long does this technique lasts. The answer is that the pigment or ink will usually last 1 to 3 years, but it will depend on your lifestyle, facial products you use, sun exposure and the type of your skin. Because of this, touch-ups are required at least once a year to maintain its shape and saturation.

What should I try? Microblading or Powdered brows?

Your choice must depend on two things:

1. Desired look for your eyebrows

If you want an eyebrow to be neat to look at and look very natural, you should go for microblading. Because microblading gives your eyebrows a fuller look, with a good shape while still looking very natural.

On the other hand, if you want to have eyebrows that has a more “filled-in” look, you might try powdered brows. Because it will give your eyebrows a more “make-upped” look compared to microblading. Your eyebrows will appear like it is softly shaded or penciled.

2. Your skin type

If your skin type tends to be dry, go for microblading because microblading looks good on dry skin types. Oily skin does not hold the pigments used in microblading really well; thus it can be damaged easily, requiring more touch-ups.

While if you have oily skin, it’s best for you to get powdered brows, because the desired outcome will be better, and your new brows will last longer.

Whatever choice you will take, you will not make a mistake because both Microblading and Powdered brows will still give you natural-looking brows in the end. Just remember to choose a professional and an excellent artist to do the procedure.


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