The Healing Stages of Microblading

The Healing Stages of Microblading

From all the trends that faded away easily, seems like microblading will always be remembered. Women especially models and actresses are loving this method for their eyebrows. Who doesn’t want to have a defined and chic eyebrow without noticing that it’s just skill fully drawn? And because of that, microblading treatment became a talk of the town.

However, everything won’t be perfect in just a blink of an eye. “Patience is a virtue.” True to this saying of William Langland, being patient is an ability that everyone should attain, especially when getting microbladed. In order to achieve an appealing eyebrow, you must go through the healing process.

Microblading procedure

The healing process of microblading can be distracting to an individual’s physical and emotional health. So, it’s crucial to get yourself prepared and informed to what you may encounter throughout the healing journey. With this, you can perform an immediate action and deal with it easily without panicking. It’s also important to be educated on to how to treat your microbladed area while in the healing process to avoid further complications.

Know the Healing Stages of Microblading!

The healing process starts right after the procedure. Usually, it takes 25 to 30 days for the microbladed area to heal.

On the contrary, how the skin heals will slightly vary on many factors. This includes the ageoverall health and the skin type of an individual.

Generally, throughout the first 10 to 14 days, the microbladed eyebrows will differ in appearance. The changing of definition, color and texture will be constant. During this time, you will also feel various of sensation in your skin. At first, your face will be very sensitive. Expect your face to feel tight, painful and tender. Then it will turn into flacking and itchiness that will subside, eventually.

The result of microblading reported to last for typically 18 to 30 months. But touch-ups every 12 to 18 months is needed, depending on the look you desire. But each session of touch-ups also involves healing time.

For the first timers in this treatment, never feel shy to ask and speak to your artist regarding things that confused you or your concerns, if you have. They can definitely explain what may happen as your skin heals, together with tips for aftercare.

Usually, there are 6 Healing Stages in Microblading:

1. Swollen and Fuller Brows

This stage will happen from days 1 to 3 right after the procedure. In this time, your eyebrows may look very bold and full. But do not freak out because that will just fade, eventually.

You’ll probably experience the following in this stage:

  • swelling
  • redness
  • mild bleeding
  • feeling bruised or cut
  • tenderness

But in days 2 and 3, the mentioned side effects above must slowly recede.

2. Very Dark Eyebrow and Flaking

Days 3 to 5, your eyebrows will darken and thicken. They will stay the same, but in day 5, it will begin to scab. You may experience itchiness and flaking in the microbladed area. There’s nothing to worry about when this occurs because this is just normal. It only means that your skin is adjusting and healing from the procedure.

3. Discoloration and More Flaking of the Eyebrows

This stage will be experienced in the days 5 to 8. Expect more flaking, scabbing and peeling in your eyebrows. At this moment, you don’t have to do anything. Just simply let the scabbing flake out on its own.

If you forced to pick the scabs, you might reopen the wounds and disturb the natural healing of your skin. You may also remove some pigments which results of having patchy eyebrows. In order to prevent this unwanted event, let your skin naturally recover. As simple as that.

4. Color Returns and Flaking Ends

Days 8 to 12, the flaking will slowly stop and the color is back.

5. Looking Natural of the Color and Texture

This stage will happen in days 12 to 21 after the treatment. The color and texture of your eyebrows should look more natural, at the same time even. Each hair stroke will look more defined as well. That will create the appearance of feathery eyebrows.

6. Fully Recovered Skin

In days 21 to 30, the skin will be healed completely. You shouldn’t experience discomfort and pain at this moment. Your eyebrows must also look full and soft. As your healing journey ends, the result will surely look worth it.

In the next month or two, you may have a follow-up appointment with your artist. In this way, they can physically check your healed skin and fix any spots if there are.

For some people, the healing process of microblading can be emotionally and physically demanding. But since you read all the mentioned stages above and its possible side effects, you won’t be surprised anymore. Microblading can surely be an excellent shot and worth all the stress because once your skin has healed, you can have a perfect and more defined eyebrow for many months and even years.


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