How Long Does Leg Waxing Last?

How Long Does Leg Waxing Last?

Before anything else, let me show you the benefits you can get in waxing your legs.

Discomfort is really there, and if you can tolerate it, you can quickly realize the benefits of waxing, and it’s worth your effort and pain. The process of leg waxing will take about two hours for the first-timers. As the wax starts ripping off your legs, you will feel the stinging sensation and you will just be going ask yourself, why am I doing it. Despite of this, many of us will still seek and stick with waxing, cause these methods of hair removal is way much better than with what razor can do.

To avoid that daily risk of nicks and burn that razor may give, it’s time for us to switch from shaving to waxing. Maybe that reasons is already enough for you to make up your mind, with the thought that waxing is way much safer than waxing. Plus, some of the waxing products are made from different natural ingredients. Over topical removal creams called depilatories, which can irritate our skin because of the chemicals, it contains, waxing should be one of your options. Think of that.

The significant benefits what you can get in waxing are the amount or span of time it ultimately saves.

Aside from you can save a lot of time, this method can also lessen your embarrassment factor due to stubble. Guess what, some people suggest and says that through regular waxing, your hair will grow back but finer and sparser over time.

What actually happens when I get my legs waxed?

There’s this Don Draper ( or Balzac) says that “our worst fright lie in anticipation,” and in terms of us getting our legs waxed, that statement could not ring truer. Of course yes, the idea of us having hot wax plastered in our entire skin and then the thought that our hair will be removed together by its roots sounds scary really-but it’s not that terrible though. It totally takes the edge when you know what to expect in your first appointment.

The truth about this method is that you can really feel so nervous, especially when it’s your first time. It is bearable, though, but there is no real sense of saying that it doesn’t hurt. Anything that makes shaving in your shower is a distant memory, which is a plus and pretty much okay.

What is it like when getting your legs waxed for the first time?

Relax and think that you yourself are in the right hands and experts just assume that you’ve booked at a popular place for an appointment. So, as the process goes on,

Do not move

If you are getting a hard wax, just don’t move once it is already applied into your legs or else the wax will not dry properly as what it supposed to be for your hairs to be removed. We have to be prepared anytime in our lives also in waxing. There would be few strange positions that will kind of make you feel like you just severely need to squirm, but still, consider this fair warning that you need to remain still and just don’t move as much as possible.

Turn your head and cough

From laying in your stomach, you will switch to laying on your back. And when you are on your back, it will be pretty easy for you to turn and cough which will do a big help to lessen the pain you will be feeling. You will be going to exert breath and distract yourself from the pain along the process, so throughout the procedure, if you can remember to turn your head and cough at the same time or alternately, you are freaking golden.

If your technician or waxer (if there is such word) doesn’t even suggest it first, give her or him a head’s up so that they will not be thrown off by you coughing the whole time as the service goes.

Just keep breathing

When you are already in the situation, this will be the hardest thing to do and remember, but all you have to do is to keep breathing and chill as much as you can. Our body’s muscles tense up and clench when we are in pain but the second, just let go of your breath and relax and everything gets better.

So how long does leg waxing last?

After waxing, hair removal usually results in about three weeks to 6 weeks; then the hair grows back again. Though there are some factors that you should consider and keep in your mind if your legs have high sensitivity, then you can apply week waxing, and if your leg’s sensitivity is low, then you can choose hard waxing.

All thanks to waxing that most women will not have to deal with hair removal on their daily basis, which is a relief.


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