How Long Does Armpit Waxing Last?

How Long Does Armpit Waxing Last?

Summer has arrived and that only means that hair removal are all over everyone’s thoughts. Sugaring our legs and shaving different parts of our face and when it comes to our underarms, we can immediately run into waxing. The answers to all of our summertime prayers is underarm waxing. We can’t deny the fact that it hurts a little but you should have your armpit waxed once for you to become a total believer. Seriously speaking, it will really change our lives.

We have a good news! Basically, not only your underarms are left definitely smooth and hair-free for up to two to four weeks, you can permanently bid your goodbyes to nicks, awful ingrown hairs and skin irritation that you often shave such a delicate area. Since it’s summer, we generally live in sundress and sexy bikinis without worrying about stubble in every freaking day is such a lifesaver. Just think about the money you’ll save on razors girl, that’s definitely a plus!

But how safe is waxing?

If you are like some of the women, you may also itching to finally kick the routine task of shaving your armpits to death just to get rid of the hair. You may also think for other options to pick and there are many though, such as: laser removal, electrolysis, cold wax, hot wax, various creams and sugaring. Along with this different options and variety of devices seen on late-night infomercials being exercised or performed by women who has smooth and perfect skin.

Unlike of these mentioned options, waxing has been around since the start. It will really be easy for you to find a salon that offers a waxing service and there are also many brands of DIY products at the drugstore that you can include to your choices. Above all of this, you may wonder if waxing is even safe—after all, you are pulling and ripping off the unwanted hairs out of your sensitive (or not) underarm skin.

If there are good points in waxing, it also have a downsides, it includes minor bleeding, bruising. When you are ripping the hair out of your skin (specifically your underarm), is just the same as removing a thin layer of your skin. And with this, there is a possibility that the skin will be very vulnerable to infection and irritation.

There is also a possibility that you can get and experience minor burns if the wax is just too hot for your skin, and most of the people finds that overtime, but if keeps on waxing it every time, it can cause your skin to lose its elasticity and it may darken your skin.

Careful for the salons that are using reused wax cause it can cause some risks of infections. There are some of them that often use reheat wax and apply it multiple times to different clients, and if a piece of skin gets into the wax, the wax can harbor germs and pass it to the next client. If you want to be extra safe, ask the salon owner for a fresh and unused batch of wax.

But overall, underarm waxing is the more accurate and most relatively safe method of hair removal among all that is also suggestion by most of the people.

How long will it lasts?

A six pack of razor cartridges has an estimated time to last about two months but unlike hard wax, it will last anywhere from two to four weeks though it will depend on individual hair growth.

How will waxing change your entire life?

All of us have those moments in our lives where we are going to face a trial and sometimes make a life-changing decisions and choices. To what career you’ll pick, who you’ll marry, how many kids you want to have, where you want to stay and live and etc. These are just the same as whether you’ll wax your underarms or not.

You might wonder but hey, waxing your armpits will definitely change your life like literally. Most of people may not realize this yet but you can’t just trust your razors that will lead you down. But the saying says that the grass is always greener on the opposite side, and in that case the grass is accurately greener, it will always stay greener for much longer without mentioning that it will be a lot smoother and less bumpy and you can already feel where we are going, right? It is just the same in waxing your armpits.

In terms of waxing your own underarm, it’s very easy, you can easily watch a tutorial videos for you to be guided. With just few quick strips, you can already achieve a non bumpy and hair-fair underarm that will last for about two to four weeks. It’s normal for you to feel kind of odd and slightly uneasy and stings but once you can see the finish product or the result, you can’t just look back.

Officially, bid your goodbyes to your hairy underarms and say “hi” for your new and delicate underarms. Now, tell me if that doesn’t sound like it’s life-changing.


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