Does Waxing Make Hair Thinner?

Does Waxing Make Hair Thinner?

Waxing is a method which can semi-permanently remove the hair from its root. The new hair in the area that was being waxed will not grow back for two to eight week (maximum), but some are already seeing the hair again for only a week. You can wax almost all parts of your body such as your eyebrows, face, legs, arms, abdomen, underarms, bikini area, and your back.

We also have different types of waxing that are suitable for any kinds of skin, it includes the strip waxing. Strip waxing is done through spreading a thin wax over the skin and get a paper strip or cloth then press in the waxed area and finally, ripped it off from the direction of the hair growth. This method removes the wax together with the hair.

You can also make a homemade strip wax (do-it-yourself) with the following ingredients: lemon juice, water, honey, and sugar. Hot waxing uses Hot wax, and in this case, the wax will be thickly applied with no paper strips or cloth using. When the wax cools, the wax will harden too, and it’s already ready to be ripped off. But this method is not advisable for those who have sensitive skin. This method can cause irritation and redness to any body parts being wax.

Waxing has several effects on the regrowth of hair on the body of every individual. One of these effects is to synchronize hair growth, which initially can seem like it is making hair grow back thinner. The truth about what is actually happening is that each of the strands that were removed or get go into the same growth phase.

Scientifically speaking, we will have about 80% of our hairs in the growth phase at any point in time. Throughout a few waxes, this will move our hairs closer to 100%. This explains why we can no more extend periods in between waxing if have done it a couple of times already.

Over more extended periods, waxing can make hairs thinner, but we are talking very long here. If you are going to remove the hair by waxing, it may seem that the hair grows back coarser and thicker. But, while waxing thins the hair, it doesn’t change its growth rate or thickness.

But why does it seems that waxing makes hair grow thinner?

You should have to take a look into the tip of a hair, and you will actually see that it is elegant and wispy. The moment that you wax, or tweeze, you pull out or remove the entire hair, root and all. And once that it is gone, the hair follicle gets to do its work and starts to create new hair. Don’t complain and tell that you don’t need the hair anyways cause you will still get it though.

As the new hair appears, it will grow back from scratch. So basically, when the hair reaches the surface, that is precisely what you see, which is a thin tip. On the other side, when you shave, you are only removing the tip, not the rest of the hair. So the result will be, the hair will keep growing back from where it has been cut off or removed.

That explains why it looks thicker. In waxing, at first sight, the current waxed hair will seem thinner than the new shaved hair. But, if you are going measure their widths (but it’s a little bit weird to do that), you will find out that they are just precisely the same — thinner at the tip, and thicker at the shaft.

Somehow, does waxing actually reduces hair growth?

A shred of well-grounded evidence that can answer this question is kind of hard to find. There’s this saying that “try it and you’ll see”, well that’s more appropriate so you could notice the difference yourself.

The theory says that waxing can make the hair regrow more delicate if you do it for how many times. Follicles may weaken due to repeated waxing, and it won’t really stop the hair from growing, but it may indicate that the follicles will only provide a more delicate and lighter hair than usual.

If it Does Work,

We people are very different from each other, so for some who it does work on, it may indicate that there is no need for them to have there have removed on specific areas for some months at a time. If the will not stop from growing, it may be weakened that much to the point that the hair growing out is almost impossible to see.

If you like waxing, keep doing it. But if you are thinking of starting because you heard it makes hair grow thinner, don’t bother. That is just one of the myths.


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