Thread Lifting for Face – Important Things You Need To Know

Thread Lifting for Face – Important Things You Need To Know

The only constant thing in life is change. As we get older, changes in our body, especially in our face will begin to show up. Different signs of aging becomes more obvious day by day. The neck and face area are the reported usual part of concern. From the flawless face to the saggy one, from tight skin to breaking down skin tissues. Sure, these are one thing that we hate to encounter that’s why you need thread lifting for face.

With this, many treatments occurred, which includes a surgical treatment. However, since some people prefer to undergo a non-surgical remedy, that’s the perfect time for the thread lift to shine.

What is a Thread Lifting for Face?

A thread lift or threading face lift in particular is a type of procedure that is minimally invasive replacement of facelift surgery. This treatment involves the lifting of the skin with the use of temporary sutures that produces a fine but visible lift in the skin. Thread lift claims to have the effect of tightening or pulling the patient’s skin. Unlike in traditional face lift, the cosmetic surgeon simply stops the loose facial skin through stitching up its portions.

Also, this procedure is much alike to face lift in terms of the benefits it can offer but with more advantages, such as no scarring, low cost, more safe, fewer complications and less invasive. This procedure can be an excellent shot for those who are finding an alternative that can also lift or even rejuvenate their skin.

In addition to that, the process gives progressive and ongoing rejuvenation for the facial tissues. If some choose thread lift for the purpose of restoring collagen, it’ll be much easier to see its effectiveness.

Which particular part of the face can be thread lift?

Since thread lift is generally considered as a non-invasive face lifts; so some areas in the face for the procedure to be done are namely:

  • Peri-ocular area or the eye area
  • Cheek and mid-face area
  • Jawline and lower face area

What is the primary goal of a thread lift?

The primary goal of thread lift is to restore the youthful appearance and proportions of the body, especially the face, and also to reposition skin tissues. This procedure is performed by a plastic surgeon who’ll insert a needle into your skin, thread it bi-directionally through the soft tissues of the face to lift and suspend the sagging of the facial area.

The surgeons use a “basket weave” or “cross-hatch” pattern to achieve the wished lifting effect in the targeted areas of the face. Thread lift provides immediate results, but its real purpose is to hype up or encourage new collagen production to restore its result’s longevity and to maintain youthful appearance.

What are the benefits you can get in thread lift?

  • It gives an instant lift– with the thread lift treatment, you will leave the clinic with an instantly lifter and tighter looking face. It’s all because thread lift involves the placement of dissolvable threads under the skin of the patient.
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles– through encouraging new collagen production, the threads work to smooth out and fix wrinkles and fine lines in the areas where they’re placed.
  • Tighter skin– because it stimulates new collagen, the threads will tighten your skin naturally, which helps to reduce any facial sagging.
  • No downtime– one of the major downsides of surgical face lift is the downtime it requires. In general, its recovery period will take a month unlike in thread lifts that right after the treatment you can still enjoy the rest of the day but with younger looking skin.

How long does a thread lifting for face lasts?

Just a reminder. This procedure is definitely not permanent since you cannot stop the human’s natural process of aging. On the other hand, some patients reported that the result is considered as long-lasting. The general longevity of observable results is 1 to 9 years.

As to younger patients with appropriate facial volume and has thicker skin, the average longevity is 3 to 4 years. Nevertheless, older patients having the case of severe sagging and lack of volume have a good result for approximately 1 to 2 years. But having repeated treatments can be done easily due to the ease of this procedure.

Thread Lifting for Face Pros & Cons

Pros– It is just a quick procedure and has quick recovery time since it’s minimally invasive. It’s also a very safe treatment, that’s for sure.

Cons– Thread lift is not as good as other methods, though is an excellent alternative. It also has a lower success rate.

Above all, thread lift can undeniably help your concerns about your face. Though we can’t really stop the natural aging of our skin, but at least we can still feel and look younger through this treatment. Share your thoughts about this article!


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