How to Thread Eyebrows – a Procedure

How to Thread Eyebrows – a Procedure

Can’t take much of your eyebrows beauty? Do you know how to improve it into a more beautiful one? You need to level yourself up! Be beautiful in this method of plucking unwanted hair out of the way. Introducing, eyebrow threading! This is to help you in doing your eyebrows neatly and easily. Eyebrow threading is the quickest way to pluck your eyebrows in the way you wanted to. This may save you time and effort than the conventional type of eyebrow plucking.

What is Threading?       

Threading hair is an ancient method commonly practiced in Eastern countries like Egypt and India. It is typically used on facial hair and especially the eyebrows. This works by using a cotton thread that is pulled along unwanted hair in a twisting motion and lifting it to remove that unwanted hair out of the way.

What are its advantages?

Advantages of eyebrow threading, as opposed to eyebrow waxing, are that it provides neater in shaping eyebrows and much gentler to your skin. It may be painful on the first try but this can be minimized if it is done correctly with the right procedure and pressure.

However, threading is not applicable for removing hair on arms and legs because in those part of your body, your hair is quite coarse and there is too much to remove. It can also cut or pluck your skin out of your body.


  • 14 inches high-cotton sewing threading
  • Eyebrow pencil
  • Eyebrow brush
  • Mirror
  • Aloe Vera


            The following are the steps on how to do eyebrow threading:

1. Gather the Threading Tools

Gather the thread, eyebrow pencil, brush and aloe vera just before the mirror you are facing to. In this way, you can easily find it in times of use. Be sure to arrange them well so that there will be no delay in finding and using them during the threading session.

2. Drawing an Outline

Using the eyebrow pencil, draw your eyebrow’s outline based on your desired shape. Draw neatly and lightly onto your skin from the tip of the eyebrow up until the base in outward sweeping motion. In this way, you can easily pluck your eyebrows in accordance with the arc you have drawn.

3. Gear up your brows

            After you draw your desired shape of your brows, using the eyebrow brush, gently sweep your brows in an upward manner. Trim the end of the longer hairs using a pair of eyebrow scissors. Remember, do not over trim while doing this. It can ruin your eyebrows badly.

4. Ready your threading

            Get your thread and then tie both ends of it so that it can form a loop using your thumb and forefinger. Be sure that you tie them well so that you have a clean loop for better threading performance.

5. Twist the thread and practice its movement

            Hold one side of the thread or loop with your thumb and the other is on the other side of the loop. Twist the thread for about 4-5 times using one hand while the other hand is at still. In the end, you should have a twisted section in the middle of the loop.

            On each side of the twisted section, do the open and close motion between your forefinger and thumb. Repeat this movement until you have the confidence to do it in the real bases.

6. Get ready the thread and start threading

            Place the twisted center of your thread above the line that you draw on your eyebrows and the start removing the unwanted hair. Slide the thread through your eyebrows as it will remove the hairs. Be careful that you may remove the hair inside the drawn region. Be gentle in doing it for it can tug your skin out and experience pain.

7. Cleaning and After Care

            Repeat this process until you achieve your desired eyebrow shape then brush the remaining hairs in your brows. Also, threading between your eyebrows is an important thing to do. Some women forgot these hairs often.

            Lastly, apply the aloe vera unto your eyebrows as a remedy to the little redness and soreness of its skin. Aloe Vera provides coolness and remedy to your sore eyebrows. And then check if there are still hairs that you forgot remove. Be sure to be contented if your eyebrows suits and perfectly match with you so that you can be able to make yourself more confident with your all new threaded eyebrows.

Follow all these steps in order for your eyebrows to look as beautiful as want it to be. Be sure to execute the movement of the thread well to avoid harm or cuts in your eyebrow area. As a result, your brows completely be as stunning as you.  And remember, treat your brows right and everything will be alright


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