How Can Microblading Affect Your Lifestyle?

How Can Microblading Affect Your Lifestyle?

Look at the mirror and find some interesting things about you. Isn’t you’re amazing? Like us, every woman deserves to become beautiful in their very own way. What makes a woman fierce yet stunning? Name it all!

You can own any matte, glossy, or tint lipsticks in a signature cosmetic store. You can have a salon treatment to add volume and elegance to your hair. You can pamper yourself with skin tone face powders, blush on, or BB cream. You can make your eyes more feminine and attractive with eye shadow and eye liner makeup. What facial feature should have a finishing touch? Of course, it’s none other than your eyebrows!

An Eyebrow Trendy Style

Eyebrow Pencils
Most girls use eyebrow pencils to make a perfect shape. However, it will be inconvenient to use this makeup tool because you have to reapply from time to time. Obviously, it’s messy on the eyebrow skin surface and it gets easily fade.

Tattoo, Oils, and Serum
Aside from the pencil trick, some women are having their tattoo, rubbing castor oils or serum to aim for a stylish contour of their eyebrows. This is not actually an advisable cosmetic treatment because it may cause irritation, redness, or stinginess on the skin. For the castor oils and serum, it will not make your eyebrows thicker the next day. These would take a time to eventually see the results.

Using a variety of treatment may stop the hair outgrowth. The chemical will concentrate on the skin area hence, it may cause hairless skin surfaces. Of course, you don’t want to look like Mona Lisa, right? So, what’s the best way to naturally grow and style your eyebrows? Well, try the microblading technique.

What is a Microblading?

This is an aesthetic treatment that uses a hand to manually apply the pigment on the eyebrows. The aesthetician will choose delicate and fine needles to mark thin hair like feature on the skin. Thereafter, the pigment is applied underneath the shallow part of the epidermis. As a result, it will create natural hair strokes. It typically lasts for about 18 to 24 months. In addition, it is painless and safe since the salon aesthetician will initially apply anesthetic on your skin.

Your Lifestyle and Cosmetics

Eyebrows are woman’s assets when it comes to beauty and fashion per se. Every face shapes need to have a perfect eyebrow contours to improve the facial feature. Furthermore, it will make you look awesome in any makeup, apparel, or hair styles.

Increases Your Confidence
The microblading technique can make an instant natural look of your eyebrows. It makes eyebrows look thicker and fuller. It will make you confident and smart since you don’t need to worry a lot about your appearance. There’s no need to reapply cosmetic makeup and be conscious.

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Improve Your Hasty Makeup Preparations
Women love to doll up themselves to look physically appealing. As we all know, putting some makeup is a bit hassle especially when you’re in rush.

Through microblading, it will be easy for you to apply your makeup. There’s no need to take time in shaping up your eyebrows.

Practical for Longer Use
Eyebrow tattoos might be permanent but it will make your assets permanently hairless too. Also, you still need to reapply eyebrow pencils to cover the hairless skin surface. On the other hand, the microblading technique can make your eyebrows look fuller and thicker. It will not be removed when you wash your face. It is definitely practical and cost saving because you don’t need to buy eyebrow enhancing solutions anymore.


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