The Average Price for Microblading Services and Why it’s Costly

The Average Price for Microblading Services and Why it’s Costly

Microblading is the process of etching ‘hair’ to areas with no or sparse hair. It can be done on the brows, and the hairline as well. The results are fast and immediate, and can last for up to two years. As a semi-permanent form of tattooing, it can be more expensive compared to other cosmetic services.

However, the results are undoubtedly stunning – so more and more people opting for this service over the other ones. If you’re thinking of trying this service but hugely concerned about the costs, fret not! Here you can learn more about the average price for microblading, as well as the add-on prices that you may need to pay in the long run.  

What is the Average Price for Microblading? 

The average cost depends on the service you wish to try. For example, if you want to have your brows microbladed, you can expect to pay anywhere from $250 to $1000.  

As for hairline microblading, the cost is a little bit more because of the scope of the procedure. The average cost for microblading this part of the face can range from $750 to $2,000.  

What Affects the Average Microblading Price? 

A lot of factors affect the average price for microblading. One of the most important elements that affect the price is your location. Cost is surely more expensive in ‘more’ metropolitan cities such as Los Angeles and Manhattan, where specialists need to pay higher rent and income tax. The customer, on the other hand, has to pay a higher sales tax as well.  

Who your microblader is, also plays a role in the cost of the service. If you go to a renowned, well-publicized artist, then you can expect to pay more. Professional microbladers usually undergo expensive certification programs – and some of these are usually held outside the country. They also need to pay to obtain a license with the state. So if you find yourself paying at the higher end of the spectrum, remember: you’re paying for his/her years of experience, reputation, and his/her ability to create flawless-looking brows.  

What’s Included in the Service?  

The price for microblading usually includes the essential steps from the start to the end of the procedure (which usually takes 2.5 hours.) Generally, your initial payment should cover the following services:  

  • A consultation on what brow shape looks best on you.  
  • The sketch of the brow that the microblading specialist wishes to perform on you. 
  • The application of numbing cream on the brow or hairline area. 
  • The microblading service itself.  

In some cases, the initial quotes include a follow-up or a touch-up visit. You need to clarify this matter with your microblading specialist to avoid paying surprise fees in the future. 

Optional Add-ons 

While microblading will already make your brows or hairline look fuller, there are additional services that can make you look even better. This, of course, entails additional payments.  

The touch-up appointment outside the window period will cost you some money. The good thing about this is that it’s usually done after 1 ½ to 2 years – or when you see the ink gradually starting to fade. This time may even be shorter depending on certain factors, such as larger pores or oily skin. Given the length in between services, you can surely save some money for this follow-up procedure.  

An add-on procedure that can be lumped with microblading is microshading. It involves the process of stippling or tapping, where the blade is pushed directly on the skin. This gives the brows a powder-filled look, as if you are wearing eyebrow makeup 24/7. For this additional service, you can expect to pay an additional $50 to $200. This takes an additional 30 minutes of being under the (mini) knife.  

Why go for Microblading? 

It goes without saying that microblading can be a little bit expensive for some. But why is it worth every penny? If you are conscious about your looks, then this service is perfect for you. You have the right to look as good as you want to.  

Another advantage that comes with microblading is that it can help cut a huge chunk out of your daily make-up time. Think about all the things you can do with the minutes (if not hours) that you save with microbladed brows. You might not be able to save money with microblading, but you will be able to save time. Remember, time is gold!  

More importantly, microblading is not just for women (or men) who have sparse eyebrows or thinning hairlines. It might be a saving grace for individuals with a medical condition known as alopecia, or hair loss, which may be caused by stress, aging, and some other disorders.  

Microblading services can be quite pricey, but it’s usually due to good results. So if you want to save time and look as if you ‘woke up like this’, then there is no reason why you shouldn’t try a microblading service today.  


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