Microblading Eyebrows – Before and After

Microblading Eyebrows – Before and After

If you have sparse brows that you can’t, for the life of you, draw perfectly even with the multitude of brow pens, gels, and waxes around – you don’t have to fret anymore! Your salvation has come in the form of microblading, a kind of treatment that provides you with beautiful semi-permanent brows.

If you are relatively new to this popular beauty trend, then you’ve come to the right page. Here, you will learn more about microblading eyebrows – and what to expect before and after the procedure.

What is Microblading, Anyway?
Microblading eyebrow is a form of tattoo artistry – but it’s far from the dark, horrendous tattooed brows you see in some ladies. In this procedure, a handheld tool is used by a trained expert to embed ink underneath your skin. Because hair-like strokes drawn in, it looks natural. No need for brow makeup (though you can still use them, of course.)

Who is it for?
Beauty experts say that microblading is best for ladies who want to define, reconstruct, and fill in the gaps in their over-plucked eyebrows. However, it’s suited for all women (and men too), so you can undergo the microblading even if you have thicker brows and what not.

Before Microblading, Remember that:

Preparation Is Key
Should you decide to undergo microblading, you can’t just storm into a clinic and sit on the aesthetician’s chair. You need to prepare and avoid ARA – Aspirin (and other Blood Thinners), Retinol, and Alcohol as they can cause excessive bleeding during the procedure. While weaning yourself from the latter might be sad, it will all be worth it. (As a consolation, why not take a celebratory shot a few hours after microblading your eyebrows?)

Pain is Variable
Because the ink embedded underneath your skin, you will feel some discomfort throughout the process. Some describe the sensation as “little scratches.” You don’t have to worry though, as the artist will apply topical anesthesia on the areas she/he will work on. Remember, a little sacrifice goes a long way for beauty!

Terrific Eyebrows Take Time (and Some Money)
Beautiful brows take quite some time. Expect to spend as much as two hours in your microblading salon, especially if it’s your first time to have your eyebrows done. The cost can range from $300 to $900 per session.

Microblading Before and After Results Video

After Microblading, Remember these Pointers:

Take Care of Your Bladed Brows
If you want your arches to last for up to three years (with touch-ups of course,), then you need to take care of them right after the procedure. First and foremost, keep it dry. Avoid washing your face or letting sweat drip on your eyebrows until after a day or two.

Redness and Itchiness Are Normal
As with other tattooing procedures, expect some redness and itchiness on the area. Should any of these occur, apply Vaseline or a special ointment on the affected areas.

The Color Will Nicely Fade
Your brows will look dark initially, but the shade will gradually lighten by 30-40% in a matter of days.

Come Back!

If you want to maintain the natural look that comes with microblading eyebrows, then you need to undergo touch-ups at least every six months.

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Microblading is popular amongst many women because of its many beauty benefits. If you want your brows to look beautiful naturally all day, every day, then this procedure is perfect for you.

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