Eyebrow Microblading for Men

Eyebrow Microblading for Men

Aside from our smile, our eyebrows are one of the first things other people notice on our face. Which makes it important for it to look good and presentable. Experts and beauticians can agree that having good eyebrows to frame your face can make a huge difference.

Eyebrows need to be groomed and being a man does not exempt you from this.  One of the ways to achieve those perfect eyebrows is through Microblading.

What is Microblading?

Microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo technique that mimics the effect of real hair on your eyebrows and creates an illusion making your eyebrows look fuller. It can help shape your brows and make it look fuller, tidier, and more defined without applying eyebrow pencils, plucking or shaving your eyebrows.

Are eyebrow tattoos and microblading the same?

While microblading is a tattoo technique, microblading and brow tattoos have differences. Microblading is not permanent, and it uses organic pigments or inks that gradually fades over time like as if it was not there.

While on the other hand, eyebrow tattoos are permanent and uses ink that contains heavy metals that tend to look green over time. Another difference is that microblading uses a handheld tool with a microblade, while eyebrow tattoos use a tattoo machine.

Can men try microblading?

Absolutely! Men can also try microblading. Because just like a woman, a man’s eyebrow suffers the same issues with a woman’s, just like; Hair loss, thinning and lightness of the eyebrows, the loss of definition and etc. Trying microblading can instantly negate those issues with your eyebrows.

It is because men of all ages want to look good, and that’s why makeup is marketed already to men. But men don’t have the time to make their eyebrows look good all day, which is why microblading is perfect for men who want to look good but do not have the time nor skill to tidy their brows every day.

Does microblading look natural to males?

Yes, it looks natural, microblading is hardly noticeable to the naked eye. The strokes are very delicate and almost hair like that makes it look very natural. The only difference you can notice is that you get eyebrows that are fuller, and it gives you a neat, better groomed look. It is as if you were born with natural, shapely eyebrows that require no brow pencils or whatsoever.

What is the procedure in microblading a men’s eyebrow?

The procedure is pretty much the same with a woman’s. Wherein the first step is applying anesthesia, the second step is discussing what you want your eyebrows to look, choosing the colors and outlining the area to be microbladed. If you’re okay with what the shape will be, it is time to proceed to the next step wherein the brow is traced over and the semi-permanent pigment is then applied and they will start to draw hair like strands with a microblading hand tool.

The process usually takes two hours to finish both eyebrows. For post-care, do not wet your eyebrows for at least three days, and most clinics will give you an ointment for its aftercare. The only difference between a man and woman being microbladed might be the form, because men’s eyebrows have fewer curves compared to a woman’s.

Does microblading hurt?

Microblading is not really that painful. It does not hurt, but it is more of just a sensation. Although it uses needles, it does not hurt much because of the anesthesia or numbing ointment applied before the procedure.

How long does the ink or pigment usually last?

As stated, microblading is not a tattoo, and it is only semi permanent. Usually the pigment or ink lasts 1 to 5 years, but it depends on your lifestyle and the type of your skin. Over time it will lose its saturation and that is why most clinics recommend a touch up once a year or every six months in order to retain the form and hue of the pigment.

Before getting microbladed, do your research!

The most important thing to consider when microblading is the clinic that will do the procedure. Invest in a good clinic. Choose a professional in handling the procedure. The person doing the procedure must be a professional esthetician who has done the appropriate training because microblading is semi-permanent and it will be done on your face so there is little-to-no way of hiding it.

Microblading in men are becoming trendy today. You should try getting your eyebrows microblade if your natural eyebrows are thin, and you want to make them look fuller and more groomed. It is a good choice for men who want to look good but do not like to apply makeup on their eyebrows and also for those men who do not have the time to fix their eyebrows every morning. But of course, the decision is still all on you!


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