3 Easy Ways on How to Get Off Eyelash Glue

3 Easy Ways on How to Get Off Eyelash Glue

Since not every one of us is blessed with long, curly, and thick eyelashes, we need to find some alternative. In times when we want to achieve a certain look – when we get invited to events or parties, the eyelashes must be perfect also to complete the entire image. You have options to choose though, whether you will go for having eyelash extensions or being loyal with false eyelashes.

False eyelashes can make your lashes appear longer and more voluminous, adding drama to your look. It may take some practice to put them on perfectly and correctly, and removing the eyelash glue residue on your eyelids or natural lashes is quite difficult especially for beginners. 

Reapplication is practically impossible because of the accumulation and tackiness, which can cause irritation. It’s critical to keep your false eyelashes clean so that they can be reused and for your natural lashes to stay healthy. But here is the truth, it just takes a little time to figure out which items or ways you should use to dissolve the glue and make it simple to peel off.

With that, we gathered the simplest strategy to remove eyelash glue residue without hurting and leaving your delicate eyelids and natural lashes irritated or pulled.

You’ll stop using your pair of tweezers to pick off the excess glue because here are the 3 Easy Ways on How to Get Off Eyelash Glue!

Use a Make-up Remover 

1. For your false lashes, use the correct eye makeup remover formula.

– When it comes to removing lash glue, oil-based eye makeup removers are usually the most successful. If you wish to reuse your lashes, however, an oil-free solution is recommended. The oil residue on the lashes will make it extremely challenging for the adhesive to bind with the lash band in the future.

2. Take a cotton swab and dip it in eye makeup remover. 

– While the majority of eye makeup removers are mild, some can irritate the eyes. It’s better to use a cotton swab to avoid putting the remover in your eyes, so you can concentrate on where it goes. Make sure the cotton is saturated but not dripping.

  • Some cosmetics companies make an eyelash glue remover that is specifically designed to remove the adhesive. The glue can, however, be removed with ordinary eye makeup remover.

3. Run the swab along with your eyelid’s lash band. 

– Gently run the cloth, drenched with the remover, down the seam where the fake lashes sit against your eyelid. It will be able to seep between the two and weaken the glue as a result.

4. Leave the remover on the eyelid for a few minutes. 

– It may take some time for the remover to completely dissolve the glue. Allow it to sit for 1 to 3 minutes on the lash band to ensure that the glue loses its tackiness.

5. Remove the lashes from the outside corner. 

– Lay your finger flat against your eyelid when you notice the false lashes are starting to move freely. To reduce any slack on the skin, pull up and out gently. Then, using your fingers or tweezers, gently peel the artificial lashes down and away from the brow.

6. Rub another swab along your lashes and the lash band again. 

– Even after you take off the false lashes, there may still be some glue residue on your eyelid and the false lash band. Dip the other end of your cotton swab in the makeup remover, and rub it along your eyelid and the band to loosen any remaining glue.

7. Remove any residual glue from the lashes with your fingers. 

– After applying more eye makeup remover, you should be able to peel off the remaining adhesive with your fingers. If it still won’t come loose, add more remover and try again.

8. Wash your face after wiping away the excess remover from your skin. 

– Even after you remove the glue, there may be some residue from the eye makeup remover. Remove any excess with a cotton pad or makeup wipe, and then thoroughly cleanse your skin with your favorite facial wash.

Use Baby Oil/Coconut Oil

1. Apply the oil of your choice to a cotton ball. 

– Eyelash adhesive is frequently broken down by oil. Coconut, almond, extra virgin, or baby oil can all be used. Saturate a cotton ball with the oil, but be careful not to let it drip. 

2. Hold the cotton ball against the lash band for a few minutes. 

– Hold the cotton ball against the lash band to allow the oil to reach the adhesive and begin to loosen it. Place it as near as possible to the seam between the lid and the band. Leave the ball pushed on your lid for 1 to 3 minutes, or until the adhesive begins to loosen.

3. Take the lashes from the outer corner and pull them out. 

– When you feel the adhesive has loosened, carefully grip the outer corner of the false lashes with your fingertips or tweezers. To avoid straining on your natural lashes, remove them slowly and delicately.

4. Remove any residual glue with a fresh cotton ball. 

– Saturate a fresh cotton ball with the oil if there is still glue residue on your eyelid or the false lash band. To remove the adhesive, run the cotton along your lid and/or the band.

5. Wipe away the extra oil and wash your face. 

– After you remove the adhesive, there may still be some oil in your eye area. Wipe it away with a cotton pad or a ball. After that, wash your face with your regular facial cleanser to get a complete clean.

Steam Off The Glue

1. Fill a dish with several glasses of boiling water. 

– In a heat-safe basin, pour 3 to 4 cups (710 to 946 ml) of boiling water. You can use a facial steamer instead of the bowl if you have one.

2. Cover your head with a cloth and lay your face above the bowl. 

– The steam will be trapped by the towel, which will aid in the loosening of the lash glue. However, avoid getting your face too close to the water to avoid getting burned. Keep it at least 18 inches (46 cm) away from the water.

3. Steam for 3 to 5 minutes. 

– You’ll need to steam the lash adhesive for several minutes to release it. It’s a good idea to set a timer so you don’t overexpose your face to the steam.

4. Take the lashes from the outer corner and pull them out. 

– Gently lift the lashes up from the outside and peel them away once the steam has thoroughly dissolved the glue. If there’s any lingering glue on your lid or lash band, simply rub it away with your finger.

5. Wash your face with lukewarm water and apply a moisturizer afterward. 

– Because your pores will be opened after steaming off the lash glue, it’s crucial to close them again. Wash your face as usual, then splash it with cool water to finish. To seal your skin, pat it dry with a towel and apply your regular moisturizer.

6. Use the steam method no more than once every week. 

– If you use false eyelashes many times a week, steaming them off every time isn’t necessary. Excessive steaming can cause redness, irritation, and breakouts. To protect your skin, alternate steaming with one of the other removal procedures.


With all of these 3 Easy Ways on How to Get Off Eyelash Glue, you can now easily have a clean as well as damage-free lash band and natural lashes. Share this article with your friends who are also struggling with the same problem. Let’s help each other out! 


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